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Hazy, Hot and Humid weather of Summer 2017 continues. Remember these days in the dead cold of winter 😉

Marginal risk of severe weather in western New Jersey on Thursday

Marginal risk of severe weather in western New Jersey on Thursday

As can be seen in the map above by the Storm Prediction Center, the best chances of severe weather will be to our north and west. As far as timing the best chances are this evening into the night. Some could linger into Friday morning.

The official definition of a heat wave in our park of the country is three consecutive days of high temperatures of 90 or above. We haven’t hit that yet in Stewartsville but we’ve been oh so close:

15th: 85
16th: 86
17th: 89
18th: 89
19th: 92
20th: 87+

Today, the 20th still isn’t over and I expect us to hit 90 or above so we will be 2/3rds of the way there. If we were to slightly modify the definition to be 89 or above we would already be there. Change it a few more degrees to 85+ and it’s a slam dunk.

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So how much did it rain yesterday in western New Jersey? Let’s just say that small white piece of plastic in the picture above, was at the top right of my driveway yesterday before the rain (and I obviously didn’t pick it up and left it there 😉 The picture make my driveway appear more angled than it really is. While I realize plastic floats, there must have been a pretty good river of water going down the driveway.

So to answer the mystery Stewartsville received 1.53″ yesterday alone. Almost 1″ of that came yesterday late afternoon in a monsoon like shower moved through the area.

The cold front has pushed through the area and today and tomorrow will be less humid with high temperatures in the low 80’s. Overnight lows tonight and Sunday morning will be in the upper 50’s. Look for an increase in humidity on Sunday as the next cold front passes through the area on Monday. This should be a fast moving one with not too much moisture as it looks now.

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Extreme western areas of New Jersey (as seen in the above map) picked up about 1″ of rain late yesterday afternoon as slow moving line of showers and some thundershowers moved south to north over the area. Stewartsville recorded 0.81″ in two separate rain incidents. This was the first significant rainfall for Stewartsville in a week. If you traveled a little more to the east, some places received nothing. My one daughter was in Clinton at the time and said the sun was shining.

But much further to the east and north, some sections of NE New Jersey received several inches of rain as seen in the purple shading.

A slow moving cold front will be approaching the area today but probably not clear the area entirely until sometime Friday. We could receive showers nearly anytime today but the best chances will be after 3 pm today. Hopefully the heaviest rain will fall later on or over night.

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Western New Jersey had it’s first (and hopefully last) official heat wave this summer. What’s that you ask? “Dave it’s been plenty hot this summer!” Yes it has but to have an official heatwave you need three (3) days or more of high temperatures at 90 or above. We had that pleasure Saturday thru yesterday. I don’t think (hope) we get there today so the streak will be over. Even if it’s not as hot the humidity will make up for it in the next few days


While a scattered afternoon or evening thunderstorm is possible today in some spots, more frequent thundershowers are possible starting Thursday afternoon into Friday as a cold front approaches. The above map show the potential rain for our area through Saturday morning. We do need the rain – most areas have not received substantial rain in 7 days or more.

When the above cold front approaches our area it may not pass through right away and instead stall of the area. This will keep the humidity and chances for rain into at least Friday.

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Stewartsville received a total of 1.60″ of rain in the last 24 hours ending at 7 am this morning. Most of that did come from the afternoon thunderstorm that rolled through. Not all areas of western New Jersey received that much rain but it was much needed.

Humidity is lower today but there is still room for improvement. An upper air disturbance will be moving through the area this afternoon. There will be more clouds than sun this afternoon and don’t be surprised to see a scattered shower. In one or two locations if could be a brief downpour but that will be the exception – not the rule

Overnight tonight we will have cooler temperatures and lower humidity with lows by Thursday morning in western NJ in the upper 50’s. So this will be an ideal night to view the annual Perseid’s meteor shower!

Thursday will be a great weather day. Things will start to warm up on Friday and there could be a scattered shower as the next round of warmer air approaches the region.

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Folks in western New Jersey were treated to a light show last evening from the approaching thunderstorms that slowly moved into the area from eastern PA. They took there time but did arrive and gave part of the area over 1″ of rain. Stewartsville received 1.10″ of new needed rainfall. Parts of eastern PA receive 3″ of rain while other areas of western NJ didn’t receive quite as much.

Summertime heat and humidity are here this week. Tuesday-Thursday will be the hottest weather so far with summer with highs in the mid 90’s we humidity to boot. There could be some scattered thunderstorms around today with a greater chance Thursday as another front approaches.

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Here is a photograph looking South at the small thundershower near Trenton and the radar image at the same time. This was taken yesterday (Tuesday) when I thought all the heavy rain was over with (for the time being) and went outside and saw this.



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