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Heavy rain overnight in Stewartsville NJ 2.68" LKC-001

Heavy rain overnight in Stewartsville NJ 2.68″ LKC-001

The first round of rain came around 5-6pm resulting in nearly 1″ Then we had another batch around 9 pm that gave us about 1/4″ The rest came overnight with probably the highest amounts in the 3-6 am time period.

Above is a graph from my station. It clearly shows the bulk came around 3-4 am!

Here are more photos from yesterday including a faint rainbow.

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Very heavy rain and wind on the way for western New Jersey early this afternoon

Very heavy rain and wind on the way for western New Jersey early this afternoon

By now everyone in western New Jersey is experiencing the moderate to heavy rain. A very intense band of heavy rain and wind is heading for our area within the next hour or two. It’s the bright red line in the radar image above. Winds could gust to 50 mph with this line!

Good news by 3:30 pm most of the heavy rain should be past our area.

Watch for street and highway flooding and downed trees and branches this afternoon!

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Everything is on track for us to receive a good soaking today. It will not be raining all the time. The rain will come in waves, be heavy at times then nothing or only a drizzle.

There will also be gusty winds today in western New Jersey. The biggest threat will be the combination of rain + falling leaves = very slipper travel in sports. If you have ever walked on a bunch of wet leaves you know how slippery they can be. This is the first significant rain, with wind, and leaves we’ve had this fall so be on look out.

The storm could produce a band of heavy rain and wind in the middle of the night. There could also be some rumbles of thunder.

Warmer weather will continue today into tomorrow until a colder push of weather arrives later Thursday then cool into Saturday. Trick or treating continues to be fair but chilly on Saturday.

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Get out an enjoy another nice weather day on Tuesday. Today should be similar to yesterday with the exception of some increasing clouds. The rain should hold off until after midnight tonight. Then we should see rain on an off for close to 24 hours starting early Wednesday morning lasting until the pre dawn hours on Thursday. Winds will be gusty as well on Wednesday. Good news is we need the rain and temperatures on Wednesday will be on the warm side.

If you do have any outdoor Halloween decorations you might want to secure them.

Western New Jersey will receive from 1-2″ of rain from this event. There’s even an outside chance there could be a rumble or two of thunder later in the day on Wednesday! Colder more seasonable air will arrive on Thursday and last into the weekend. At this time trick-or-treating looks dry and chilly.

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As of 3:30, rain and some thundershowers is moving in from the NW. Keep an eye to the sky for the next few hours.


A cold front will be approaching the area later today. Some pre-frontal showers have already popped up and should be entering western New Jersey within the next hour.

After that we should have a little break then more activity later this afternoon. Don’t be surprised if you even hear a rumble of thunder! Yes it’s October but it does happen occasionally. Look for the afternoon showers to start as early as 2 pm but hopefully should be clear of the area in time for Friday night HS football!

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So how much did it rain yesterday in western New Jersey? Let’s just say that small white piece of plastic in the picture above, was at the top right of my driveway yesterday before the rain (and I obviously didn’t pick it up and left it there 😉 The picture make my driveway appear more angled than it really is. While I realize plastic floats, there must have been a pretty good river of water going down the driveway.

So to answer the mystery Stewartsville received 1.53″ yesterday alone. Almost 1″ of that came yesterday late afternoon in a monsoon like shower moved through the area.

The cold front has pushed through the area and today and tomorrow will be less humid with high temperatures in the low 80’s. Overnight lows tonight and Sunday morning will be in the upper 50’s. Look for an increase in humidity on Sunday as the next cold front passes through the area on Monday. This should be a fast moving one with not too much moisture as it looks now.

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Heavy rain falling again in extreme western New Jersey in particular southern Warren county. So far in Stewartsville I’ve received 0.83″ and its still pouring!

The rain bands are moving slowly north from the south. As of right now not too much is happening to the east but that will change as the night wears on – the entire area will move slowly to the east.

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As you can see in the above map, Most of PA and a good part of western New Jersey have the potential for severe thunderstorms later today into the evening and tonight.




We are well below normal on rainfall as seen above. We need between 5-6″ of rain just to get us back to normal. Let’s just hope it all doesn’t come at once!


So how much rain can we get? Quite a bit if you believe the map above. These amounts are for the next 1-3 days total ending Wednesday morning. We are in the brightest red which is 3-4″ of rain.

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Rain started off as freezing rain Tuesday morning

Monday turned out much cooler than originally forecasted by all. The clouds increased faster than anticipated and the cold high pressure to our north continued to pump cold air in all day. As a result we went into the upper 20’s last night as the rain moved in.

In southern section the temperature is already just above freezing. Northern and western section will take longer to climb above freezing. Then we can look forward to periods of heavy rain today. Temperatures will remain in the 30’s.

We received just over 1/2” of rain and freezing rain overnight.

The storm now looks to be a little colder overall than was originally anticipated. As a result, when the storm starts to pull away slowly and colder air starts to move in early Wednesday morning, the rain should change back to wet snow. This could result in a coating to and inch or two – more to the North and West.

It will turn windy today and should remain so into Thursday.

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A powerful Nor’easter is expected to move into western NJ beginning late tonight on through Thursday morning with heavy rain, strong winds, coastal flooding, and even some wet snow as the storm departs.

Clouds will lower and thicken today as high pressure departs.   Temperatures will rise into the lower to mid 30’s after a chilly start in the teens this morning.

Rain will develop late tonight, after midnight.  While all rain is expected of much of the region, a mix of snow, sleet, and rain can be expected for northern and western sections.

The low pressure system will move northward tomorrow towards the New Jersey coastal waters.  Heavy rainfall can be expected in our region as the low pressure system moves slowly northward.  The rain will mix with and change over to snow over northeastern Pennsylvania and far northwestern New Jersey with accumulating snowfall by Tuesday afternoon and evening.  The heavy rainfall will lead to some stream flooding as over 2″ of rain can be expected.   Winds will be from the northeast to north at 15 to 25 mph.   Temperatures will rise into the mid to upper 30’s.

The low pressure system will slowly lift northward through Long Island and into southern New England on Wednesday.  Bands of rain will continue to rotate through the region. As colder air builds in behind the storm, the rain will mix over to snow through the day.   Snow showers will linger on through Thursday morning with windy conditions expected.  Winds will be from the northwest at 10 to 20 mph.  Temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday will range from the mid to upper 20’s for lows and upper 30’s to lower 40’s for highs.

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