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The calendar may say Spring and late March but today will feel more like early February. It could be worse: some folks in SE PA and Long Island are waking up to some light snow this morning that is coating the ground in some places! There’s a chance some sections of western New Jersey could see some flurries today. If you are in a heavier snow shower don’t be surprised if it briefly whitens the ground.


Believe it or not our normal high temperature now should be 54 degrees! Today will be blustery and cold with high’s not getting out of the upper 30’s. This is unfortunate as I know there are some outdoor activities (i.e. Easter Egg Hunt) that begin now. After a very cold start, Sunday will be a little warmer and feature mostly sunny skies and less wind that should help a little. Then there’s a chance of some light rain or snow showers Sunday night into Monday morning as warmer more seasonable air makes it into the region. End of week looks to have high temperatures near 60 but with increased rain chances.

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5.3” of new snow in Stewartsville as of 11:30 am. We have one more heavy band of snow to push through the area then hopefully the snow should start to lighten up this afternoon. Since my initial forecast of 3-6” has busted, I’ll now go for 6-10” and hope I don’t bust again! There is a very good chance sections to the south and east will get a foot of snow. Further to the north they are not getting as much snow.


Another thing I want to point out is the temperature is much colder than it was this morning so please keep that in mind when removing the snow this afternoon – as well as breezy conditions. We are now in the upper teens in western New Jersey!

red=air temperature green=dew point

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Heavy snow rates approaching 2"/hr in southern PA

Just after I published my last post I noticed this green echo on the weather radar. That is snow approaching 2”/hr! Lucky for us that will stay to our South.

You can also see here the dark blues to the west of western NJ that are moving in our direction. We finally get to use all the bread, milk, eggs and cans of soup we’ve been stockpiling all season! Smile

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4” of new snow has already fallen in Stewartsville as of 10:20 this morning. It’s been snowing moderately to occasionally heavy most of the morning. At the very least, I think we will be at the high end of my 3-6” forecast. There will be locations (perhaps many of us) that will go over 6” before all said and done. The NWS sees this trend too and raised the Winter Weather advisory that was previously in effect for Warren county NJ to a Winter Storm Warning and forecasting 4-8” of snow. Hunterdon county was already in a Winter Storm Warning.

In looking at the radar above, most of the echo’s are moving to the ENE. The back edge of the line to the north is also moving SLOWLY to the SE. There are still plenty of areas of darker blue heading our way from eastern PA. These will give us 1”/hour snow rates at time late morning into the early afternoon.

I still think the snow will lighten up this afternoon but it doesn’t appear to be in any rush to do so…

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Winter wonderland in Western New Jersey Thursday morning

Western New Jersey picked up between 1.5 and 2” of snow overnight. 1.6” of new snow fell in Stewartsville. Looking out the window this morning reveals a winter wonderland. Since it was raining before the snow, the snow stuck to everything. Schools are closed once again (in some cases, especially PA, two days in a row).


Today we will see snow of various intensities. At times it will just be flurries then other times it will come down moderate to heavy. It will be during these heavier periods where we will pick up additional amounts of snow. My forecast for western New Jersey is still 3.6.” Less to the north and more to the south. I expect the snow to start tapering off just after lunch with flurries and snow showers the remained of the afternoon. The wind will pick up today and it will turn record breaking cold tonight (low single digits) so it will be important to clear the driveway and walks today.


What’s ahead? After a cold Friday and Saturday morning, a break! It looks nice with temperatures APPROACHING normal! There may be a snow shower late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. It looks dry thru Wednesday with 40’s as high temperatures! Perhaps this is the light at the end of the winter tunnel!

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I just finished looking at the latest weather data for our next snow maker. Some of it is pointing to less snow, and some of it says more. So I’m going to hold course and continue my 3-6” forecast for western New Jersey. It looks like heavier amounts of snow will fall from southern Hunterdon county on south. Specifically I-195 on south except right near the coast.

The NWS map above shows the minimum and maximum they are forecasting. There is potential for us to go over the 6” I’m forecasting. If we do it will be the single largest snowfall we’ve had this season!


Rain has resumed  as of 8pm. Temperatures are starting to fall from the daytime high of 44. We are now down to 38 degrees and falling:


I expect sleet and wet snow to start mixing in before midnight and to change over completely not to far after that.

I’ll update again in the morning.

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imageNWS Snow Forecast for Thursday A quick update this morning as I have a busy day planned. Yesterday afternoon and evening western New Jersey received 0.5″ snow followed by 0.4″ of sleet. We slowly transitioned to freezing rain then rain. We also have some fog.

We will continue to have light rain on and off most of the day into this evening. Mid to late evening tonight the rain will start mixing with sleet then snow then changeover completely by midnight. I still believe most of the heavier snow will fall to our south. At this time I’m forecasting 3-6″ of snow overnight and Thursday. There will be more in southern sections and less in the far north.


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temperature now up to 28 degrees and *slowly* climbing in western New Jersey. Hopefully by 1 am will be above freezing and can have plain rain. 0.9” total of snow and sleet.

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Even though this radar image above does not show us in the pink/red, heavy sleet is now falling in most locations of western New Jersey as of 4:30 pm. Stewartsville received 1/2” snow before the changeover.

Now a waiting game to see when warmer air makes it down to the surface and switches us to rain. This may not be until after midnight.

Roads are getting very slippery!

The Thursday event now looks like the heaviest snow will once again be to our south. But we will still see some. More details later.

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In what has become a very familiar site in western New Jersey this winter, light snow has begun to fall in the area again. The light snow started around 1:15 pm.

The snow may pick up in intensity as the afternoon wears on. Now that we are in a stronger March sun angle, snow may not stick to untreated surfaces until later in the afternoon or early evening.

But that is the time we should start transitioning to sleet and freezing rain. The hopefully plain rain later tonight as we slowly climb above freezing.

Be safe on the roads this afternoon and evening!

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