Sleet and freezing rain on the radar

Sleet and freezing rain on the radar

Even though its been so cold for the last 2 weeks, warmer air has worked into the air above the ground changing the snow to sleet and freezing rain as seen in the pink on the above radar.

So prepare yourself for more mixed precipitation than snow this afternoon

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What my car looks like only being out in freezing rain for 20 minutes

What my car looks like only being out in freezing rain for 20 minutes

All freezing rain now in Stewartsville and most central and southern areas of western New Jersey. Look for any areas that are still getting sleet to go over to freezing rain shortly.

It’s now a race between the precipitation ending or warmer air arriving to see which gets here first. Let’s hope noon time or before is the ending of either.

Roads are no good so stay in if possible

Back end of precipitation in Harrisburg as of 9am

Back end of precipitation in Harrisburg as of 9am

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Snow covered streets in Stewartsville

Snow covered streets in Stewartsville

The snow has already changed over to sleet in most sections of southern western new jersey. Look for all areas to go to sleet and then even freezing rain before ending by mid day.

Stewartsville received 0.8″ of new snow/sleet so far.

NWS forecast for ice

NWS forecast for ice

Untreated roads will be icy this morning so please slow down and take your time until the temperature warms up and the roads and walkways improve

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Snow outside encased in icy crust this morning in western New Jersey

Snow outside encased in icy crust this morning in western New Jersey

Anyone who does not have the pleasure of garaging their car will know real fast this morning that we had some freezing rain last evening. Allow extra time to scrape off the car and let it warm up.

Stewartsville received 1.4″ of snow before changing to sleet and freezing rain yesterday.


Sharp temperature rise in western New Jersey around 5 am Tuesday morning

Sharp temperature rise in western New Jersey around 5 am Tuesday morning

The temperature stayed quite cold in western New Jersey until around 5 am. Believe it or not we should top out in the mid 50’s today. Considering we were at 0 a few days ago that’s nearly a 60 degree temperature swing!

Moderate to heavy rain will be moving into western New Jersey later this morning and into the afternoon.

Moderate to heavy rain will be moving into western New Jersey later this morning and into the afternoon.

We expect to see an additional 1-2″ of rain today as all that rain on the radar above needs to pass through western New Jersey. It will remain all rain as the temperatures will be quite mild in the 50’s. Be on the lookout for localized flooding. HOpefully all the rain will melt the remaining ice on sidewalks and colder surfaces.

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The National Weather Service (NWS) has continued their winter weather advisory for tonight into early Tuesday morning. I’m expecting precipitation to break out over western New Jersey this evening from 7 pm – 10 pm. It could start out as a cold rain in some areas. Then the rain will cool the atmosphere a little more and the rain should mix if and possibly change to sleet for a few hours. Further to the north and west (near and north of I-80), especially in elevated areas, there could be some wet snow mixed in as well.

Warmer air will eventually take over and we should see all rain by the Tuesday morning commute. The changeover will take a bit longer further to the north and west. Given how warm the ground has been recently I expect little of any accumulation. At most there could be a little slush on colder surfaces like cars.

The most important thing to keep an eye on tonight is the air temperature. As long as we remain above freezing the roads and walkways should be fine. Bit some areas further to the north and west, as well as sheltered valleys, may have pockets of colder temperatures. In these areas we might see a little bit of freezing rain after the switch-over until the warmer temperatures make it to those areas as well.

I’ll have additional updates as warranted.

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temperature now up to 28 degrees and *slowly* climbing in western New Jersey. Hopefully by 1 am will be above freezing and can have plain rain. 0.9” total of snow and sleet.

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Figured tonight would be a good time to repost this graphic that explains the difference between snow, sleet and freezing rain.

And you can only get hail in thunderstorms which are typically in warmer weather. Hail and sleet are different.

So right now, even though we are well below freezing at the surface in western New Jersey (mid 20’s), there is a warmer layer above us that is melting the snow. But there is still enough cold air near the surface to re-freeze the rain and turn it into snow. Once a snow flake melts, it can’t go back to being a snow flake Sad smile

We will most likely have a period of freezing rain until all of the warmer air makes it down to the surface and gives us rain. We want that to be a short as possible. I’d rather have sleet over freezing rain…

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Skies are now mostly cloudy in western New Jersey this Tuesday morning. We will see the clouds thicken up and lower as the day moves on. High temperatures will be in the upper 20’s to around 30. Look for snow to move into our area between 3-5 pm. Most locations will receive a coating to 2” of snow this evening before it changes over to sleet then freezing rain. Speaking of changeover, I believe this will happen quickly this evening. We could start seeing sleet mixing in as early as 7pm. Then it will become a complete wintry mix including freezing rain. Then we start the waiting game: how fast will the surface temperature rise so we can switch from freezing rain to plain rain. This could happen as early as 10 pm or as late as after midnight.

We will have periods of rain late night into the day on Wednesday. Wednesday will be warmer with a high in the low 40’s.

Then round two starts. Colder air will start working into our area Wednesday evening and night. This will eventually mix the rain with sleet. Then we will transition to snow and it looks to continue into Thursday. This will be a battle between how fast the cold air arrives while the precipitation stays around. Right now computer models are suggesting we have the potential for an additional 3-6” late Wednesday night into Thursday morning. I’ll focus more on this once we get tonight’s weather out of the way.

Then colder Thursday night (single digits) then we have what looks like a nice stretch of dry weather Friday into Monday!

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Most sections of western New Hersey have changed over from freezing rain to rain as of 1pm. There might be some pockets of colder surfaces where rain is still freezing on contact or might be slippery.

ne (1)

the mid day weather map above shows the coastal storm developing nicely. A warm front is stretched from near Philadelphia to New York City up to eastern CT and Massachusetts. East of the front temperatures are nearing 50 degrees! West of the warm front temperatures are struggling in the 30’s. The rain from the coastal storm will continue to move north east and should start to taper off by later in the afternoon. Rain will be heavy at times. There is a flood advisory to our south and east.

A cold front to our west above will push through the area later today. This will bring an end to the rain and usher in some colder weather to start the work week.

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If you’re reading this in the morning, do not go outside and drive or walk until it warms up! There are MANY accidents and reports of people slipping and falling and breaking things!

Freezing rain advisory this morning until 1pm. Rain will be heavy at times until mid afternoon.


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