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Spring and fall can feature variables in the weather. So far this month is showing signs of not disappointing. After a very cold weekend, we are starting to rebound to warmer weather today. We should get into the 50’s today and tomorrow. Remember the average high this time of year is about 46 and climbing.

With warmer weather brings rain as is evident this morning. Western New Jersey is receiving light rain this morning. Look for this to taper to showers this afternoon. This is the warm front passing through our area. A cold front will pass through later tonight and be accompanied by some additional rain and perhaps even a rumble of thunder.

And then what?

Well some unseasonable cold weather is heading to western New Jersey. Thursday will be a transition day with temperatures mostly in the 40’s as cold air filters into our area. A weak system will be approaching from the west that can give is some light precipitation Thursday night into Friday morning. At this time is looks like it could be cold enough for a wintry mix and snow (especially to the north).

This will clear our Friday afternoon and more cold air comes into our region. Saturday looks similar to last Saturday with temperatures struggling to get above the freezing mark. We all knew we were going to have pay back for all that unusual warmth last month!

And then what?

Another more potent storm system looks to be approaching our area from the south and west. As of right now it appears we will be on the colder side of the storm. The big question is how far north does it get. Will we be on the northern fringe or will we feel the full impacts? Traditionally this winter when computer models show a system impacting areas to our south in advance, tend to migrate to the north as the event nears. Let’s see if that happens with this one. As a result Sunday has the potential to be a wintry day. How wintry? It could be enough to remind us it’s still winter. If everything comes together it could be a plow-able event. Keep in mind it can snow in March. Ironically this Sunday, March 13 is the anniversary of a famous super storm that impacted the east coast in 1993. No this will not be that but it could be notable. For snow to happen in late winter you need to have close to perfect conditions.

Beyond that the cold air looks to stay around into the new week with another storm potential around mid week.

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Even though the weather the past couple of days in western New Jersey made us think we jumped into Summer already, we’re not there yet.



Our “normal” high temperature this time of year should be in the upper 40’s. Our forecast for the next 7 days has us above that every day! Monday will be close and will not feel as warm with some rain Sunday night into Monday.

When you change your clocks, also change the batteries in your smoke and CO detectors too! (Some CO detectors have 5 or 10 year batteries in them so don’t change those but DO check the date on those. They should be recycled when the battery expires)

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Crocus bloom in Stewartsville NJ in early March 2016

Crocus bloom in Stewartsville NJ in early March 2016

While I’m not advising anyone to put away their winter coats yet, warmer weather is on the way for western New Jersey this week. We may even have record breaking warmth on Wednesday!

One thing I did want to mention with all this warmth is people will want to head to their local nurseries and start planting things. It’s WAY TOO EARLY for that. For this area the farmer’s use MAY 10th as the last date of frost or freeze that’s safe for outdoor planting. That’s two whole months from now!

So what can you do? Clean up leaves, pick up brush, clean windows, stuff like that.


Normal high temperature for this time of year is 46. Enjoy!

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Stewartsville Monthly Weather Observation Summary
1 29.0 8.0 18.5 0.29 2.90 10.5
2 39.0 23.0 31.0 T T 13.5
3 34.0 14.0 24.0 0.55 0.9 13 1/2 snow .4″ sleet then fzr
4 45.0 33.0 39.0 0.18 T 13.5 fzr and rain
5 38.0 13.0 25.5 0.5 7.2 14.5 1.6 @ 7
6 26.0 2.0 14.0 0 21
7 40.0 6.0 23.0 0 18
8 48.0 26.0 37.0 0 15
9 53.0 27.0 40.0 0 T 12
10 53.0 27.0 40.0 0.28 10
11 56.0 38.0 47.0 0.01 8.5
12 47.0 31.0 39.0 0 7
13 46.0 24.0 35.0 0 6
14 45.0 35.0 40.0 0.78 3
15 43.0 36.0 39.5 0.01 1
16 51.0 32.0 41.5 0 T
17 58.0 31.0 44.5 0 T
18 43.0 26.0 34.5 0 T
19 44.0 22.0 33.0 0 T
20 35.0 28.0 31.5 0.4 4 T
21 47.0 28.0 37.5 0.01 4
22 43.0 28.0 35.5 0 T
23 40.0 21.0 30.5 0 T
24 46.0 21.0 33.5 0 T
25 47.0 21.0 34.0 0.06 T
26 60.0 36.0 48.0 0.54 T TRW-
27 47.0 35.0 41.0 0.26
28 41.0 24.0 32.5 0
29 46.0 21.0 33.5 0
30 54.0 35.0 44.5 0
31 47.0 32.0 39.5 0.14 0.8
4.01 15.80
Season Snow Total: 53.00
Extreme High 60.0 Date: 26-Mar
Extreme Low 2.0 Date: 6-Mar
Mean Max: 44.9
Mean Low: 25.3
Mean: 35.1
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Early morning risers in western New Jersey are seeing a very nice morning with partly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 30’s. Unfortunately this will not continue as clouds will arrive quickly and bring light rain by mid day or early afternoon. For elevations above 1000′ this will be wet snow.




By late afternoon or early evening, and light rain falling could start mixing with snow even at the lower elevations. I expect little if any accumulations mostly on colder surfaces. The exception will be elevated areas above 750′ – they might see a coating to 1″ in spots.







Wednesday will be sunny but on the cooler side with highs in the 40’s. Thursday and Friday will be mild days with highs in the 60’s. But showers will be on the increase starting Thursday evening continuing into Friday.

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Early risers in western New Jersey saw some light snow this morning that coated the ground in a few areas. This was the result of a cold front that moved through. Winds have increased and will stay breezy today but high temperatures will make it to the low 50’s but feel cooler in the wind.

On Tuesday a small fast moving clipper type system will approach the area and give us some rain or wet snow shower in the afternoon ending by early evening. Then we start off April on a sunny but chilly note on Wednesday. Warmer air arrives for the end of the week but so does the chance of showers by Thursday night and Friday.

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Winter wonderland in Western New Jersey Thursday morning

Western New Jersey picked up between 1.5 and 2” of snow overnight. 1.6” of new snow fell in Stewartsville. Looking out the window this morning reveals a winter wonderland. Since it was raining before the snow, the snow stuck to everything. Schools are closed once again (in some cases, especially PA, two days in a row).


Today we will see snow of various intensities. At times it will just be flurries then other times it will come down moderate to heavy. It will be during these heavier periods where we will pick up additional amounts of snow. My forecast for western New Jersey is still 3.6.” Less to the north and more to the south. I expect the snow to start tapering off just after lunch with flurries and snow showers the remained of the afternoon. The wind will pick up today and it will turn record breaking cold tonight (low single digits) so it will be important to clear the driveway and walks today.


What’s ahead? After a cold Friday and Saturday morning, a break! It looks nice with temperatures APPROACHING normal! There may be a snow shower late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. It looks dry thru Wednesday with 40’s as high temperatures! Perhaps this is the light at the end of the winter tunnel!

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Sunday’s snow behaved pretty much as forecasted for western New Jersey. Most locations received about 2-4” of snow. Stewartsville received 2.9” of snow before ending as a little freezing rain. Roads were horrible late yesterday. Most schools were once again delayed Monday morning.


Today we’ll see sunshine and warmer temperatures with highs in the upper 30’s to near 40. There will be a little breeze that will make it a little cooler. Keep in mind our normal high temperature for early March is mid 40’s!

It will be important to get up as much snow today on walks and drives as it will get cold tonight. Low temperatures will be in the low teens. Tuesday will feature an increase of clouds with light snow arriving late afternoon into the evening. The snow will mix and change to sleet then freezing rain overnight. Look for 1-2” of snow before changeover. We will warm up enough on Wednesday to change over to a rain with a high temperature in the low to mid 40’s. Then another disturbance will ride up near us and bring down colder air Wednesday night that will change the rain back to snow before ending. We could receive more light snow accumulations then. We end the work week on a cold note with highs in the 20’s.

Right now it looks like a good weekend with temperatures near 40 so keep your fingers crossed!

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Another chilly morning in western New Jersey with low temperatures earlier in the night in the single digits but have now risen to the teens. Look for snow to overspread the area by mid day. It will be light and spotty until mid to late afternoon. Then we watch the advance of warmer air aloft that will change snow over to a wintry mix. This could happen as early as 6 pm or as late as never. Southern and eastern sections have the best chances of changing to a wintry mix. Northern and western section may not change over at all or only at the very end. It’s something that will have to be watched as the storm unfolds. I’ll post updates as time allows.

I still expect 1-3” in general with potentially more in areas that do not mix with sleet and freezing rain. The NWS is forecasting slightly more as reflected in the above map.

Good news is the storm should be winding down by midnight. This will give road crews overnight to get things ready for Monday morning rush. I would still allow extra time.


The rest of the week will feature fast moving systems. More precipitation will move in on Tuesday into Wednesday. This looks to be snow at first that will quickly change to a wintry mix then rain by Wednesday. Then another chance of snow Thursday. March certainly is coming in like a lion!

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