Sunday morning lows below zero!

Sunday morning lows below zero!

Cold cold Sunday morning! -2 in Stewartsville and as you can see below zero in many other locations in western New Jersey.

NWS Snow forecast for Monday

NWS Snow forecast for Monday

With less wind on Sunday it will feel warmer but the air temperature will still be in the teens to around 20. With the warmer air comes the chance for some light precipitation Monday afternoon. Look for some light snow and even sleet to move into the area by mid afternoon Monday. Expect a coasting to 1″

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Western New Jersey residence awoke to another morning of below zero temperatures. Stewartsville was –7. Points further to the north were in the teens below zero! At least the wind died down. Calm winds in part allowed us to get this cold. A fresh snow pack helped as well as clear skies. Allentown’s previous low temperature record for today was 4 above. What’s also worth point out is this is the fourth morning this month we were below zero! And we are on day 32 of consecutive snow cover.


High temperatures today will be in the mid to upper teens. Tonight will not be as cold with some clouds increasing. It’s been an amazing winter when we can say “not as cold tonight” yet the low will be in the mid single digits! Wednesday will see high temperatures in the low to mid 30’s. We will still be watching a storm to our south Wednesday night and Thursday. It still looks not to impact us but the NJ shore and eastern Long Island ay receive some light snow. We finish out the week with high temperatures in the mid to upper 20’s.

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How beautiful was the weather Sunday afternoon??!! Most locations in western New Jersey over performed on temperature and reached the low to mid 40’s! My weather station in Stewartsville was 44. Felt even nicer with light winds and mostly sunny skies. Believe it or not that was close to what should be normal for this time of year. Now that we are in late February, the sun is getting higher in the sky and we have more daylight hours. All of this allows for gradual warming.

But not this week for us. An arctic front passed by early this morning. As a result temperatures should pretty much not go up anymore today and slowly start falling. Tonight may be another record breaking night as far as low temperatures are concerned. We are forecasted to go below zero again. With fresh snow cover and winds becoming light after midnight we have a chance of bottoming out at near five below zero.


Tuesday will be another chilly day with highs in the mid to upper teens. Clouds should increase Tuesday night and Wednesday as a storm passes to our south. This is something we need to monitor as computer models have been showing this storm moving north a little and may impact southern New Jersey and the Delmarva area.

Once that storm passes another shot of cold air arrives to finish the week. Good news is it doesn’t appear to be as brutally cold as the one we are experiencing right now. There is a chance for another warm up for a day or two next week this time. We also need to monitor a storm for next weekend and into the following week.

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Western New Jersey residence woke up to temperatures below zero again this morning. This is at least the second time this happened this winter season. Stewartsville recorded –3. What struck me the most was how the winds picked up late yesterday afternoon/early evening and made the cold even colder. It goes right through you.

Even with sunshine on Friday we will remain in the teens for high temperatures. Keep in mind our normal high temperature this time of year should be 41 degrees! I think if we hit 41 today people would be taking off their shirts in the street! lol


The winds overnight will lighten up and allow our low temperature to drop to near zero again. We will also have increasing clouds which will help keep the temperatures from dropping out too much. Saturday will feature snow arriving as early as late morning. It should start off light and intermittent. The steadiest snow will start in mid to late afternoon. Keep in mind the storm responsible for this precipitation is going to our west and as such is bringing up warmer air. The warmer air will not only be at the surface but aloft too. Saturday will see high temperatures increasing as the day goes on – in the upper 20’s. Then sometime on Saturday evening I anticipate sleet and freezing rain to start mixing in with the snow. We will switch entirely to a wintry mix during the late evening or early overnight hours. We may even end up switching completely to rain on Sunday morning as Sunday’s high temperatures will be in the upper 30’s. But I anticipate precipitation (rain) ending early Sunday morning.

All of the snow we will receive should be on the front end of the storm. So how much for western New Jersey? At this time I’m thinking 2-4”. We could get the amounts the NWS is currently thinking in the map above (4-6). But right now I’m holding them down. Historically warmer air aloft always seems to find its way to southern sections of western NJ. This will result in us changing to a wintry mix and that will keep the snow totals down. For sections further to the north, you could see 4-6”

We turn colder on Monday and could even be at or below zero again next Tuesday morning. But at least the kids will have school on Monday – that hasn’t happened in a while given our storm pattern!

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Here’s a map showing this morning s sub zero cold temperatures in western new jersey as well as the rest of the state. Perhaps we will have a repeat Friday morning…

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I don’t have any good snow photos to share with you yet. I hope to get some today if I can tolerate the snow. Western new jersey picked up about 3” of snow in the last 24 hours. II t came in two parts. First yesterday from mid day until just before dinner time then part 2 was when the snow squalls came around 8-10 pm.

Western new jersey continues under a winter weather advisory and a high wind warning. My weather station gusted to 33 mph around 4:46 am. Expect similar strong gusts today into this evening. The winds will lighten up a little tonight but it will remain windy/breezy overnight as we most likely go below zero Monday morning. Most area today will only see a high temperature in the low to mid teens and by Monday morning lows should be around 5 BELOW zero. Then on Washington’s birthday we are only back in the mid teens as we slowly cloud up late in the day for the next system.

Right now the computer models are not consistent with the next system. It looks to be Tuesday into Wednesday. Some models have most of the snow going to our south but one model has the snow coming up our way. Right now I’m thinking we will see plow able snow from the next storm. More details of course as we get closer.

In closing, stay warm today and check on the elderly!

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