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Brrr! Most locations in western New Jersey woke up to single digit temperatures. Some areas further to the north were below zero! Certainly nothing unexpected for January weather but still cold none the less.

Today will remain cold but at least there will not be as much wind as yesterday making it feel a little more comfortable.

Our next weather system will be moving to our north and west. This will put us on the eventual warm side of the storm. Eventual is the key word. There is a good amount of cold air and snow covered ground over western New Jersey right now. It will take a while for it to all be pushed out by warmer winds. This will result in Tuesday, main in the afternoon, of another snow to sleet to freezing rain day before it eventually turns to rain. Before that changeover I’m forecasting a coating to 1″ followed by some ice on untreated surfaces. To make matters worse this should still be happening by the afternoon rush.

This will be relatively light precipitation but it doesn’t take much to make things slippery. The only good news is there is a tremendous amount of salt on area roads so hopefully they will not be too bad.

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SPC has upgraded the slight risk to include all of northern NJ and even some of central NJ.



Severe Thunderstorm Risk

Western New Jersey is in a slight risk for severe thunderstorms later today


We’ll have another hot and humid mid July weather day on Monday. Look for showers and possibly some thunderstorms arriving from the north and west after 3 pm today.

Hoe Much Rain?

Precipitation forecast for western New Jersey thru Thursday

Any areas lucky enough to see rain today should not pick up more that 1/2″ Most areas will only see 1/4″ or less. Northern and western New Jersey is under a moderate drought to we need all that we get!

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Most of the leaves are off the trees now in western New Jersey. Today, Monday should be the pick of the week weather-wise. A great day to go outside and finish any last minute outdoor chores (like me). Look for mostly sunny and highs in the low to mid 60’s.

Thursday looks to be our rainy day this week and we could receive a good amount as shown on the map above. Right now it looks like afternoon into evening.


Cooler air arrives on Tuesday then increasing clouds on Wednesday for the system that will bring us rain on Thursday. Fair and cooler weather looks accurate for next weekends as of right now.

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51 Days of snow cover in Stewartsville NJ in 2015

51 Days of snow cover in Stewartsville NJ in 2015

Today was the first time in 51 days that I’m only recording a trace of snow on the ground. Yes there’s still snow on the ground as you can see but when 50% or more of the ground is exposed, you record a trace. For the winter of 2014-2015 we have 51 consecutive days of 1″ or great of snow cover on the ground. That’s pretty impressive!

Western New Jersey 7 day forecast

Western New Jersey 7 day forecast

Monday is not too bad outside today. We should have high temperatures in the low 50’s. If it were not for the clouds we would get even warmer. These clouds will continue to increase and give us some scattered showers tonight into Tuesday. It shouldn’t be too much rain. The showers will come to an end on Tuesday as a cold front passes through western New Jersey area. After the front passes our temperatures will start falling the rest of the day as we experience some below normal temperatures for a few days. Wednesday we will stay in the 30’s for highs – that’s 10 degrees below normal! Thursday will improve but still be on the chilly side. Then we turn our attention to end of week. A storm system will be passing to our south and may come up the coast. If it does there could be some rain or wet snow Friday into Saturday. Details as we get closer.

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Monday morning update for western new jersey has most area schools closed today. Light rain started over night and transitioned to freezing rain and sleet as the temperature slowly dropped. Most untreated surfaces are slipper as seen in the above photo.


I was impressed with the steady rain of temperature decline since midnight. In researching this further and looking at overnight observation the colder air actually came in from the east and north. Portions of long island were colder than NJ. And now NJ is colder than portions of PA. This will all even out as the coastal storm strengthens.

As this trend continues today, we will see more sleet than freezing rain. Then some light snow will transition in this afternoon. I still expect only a coating to perhaps 2” in most areas. Northern sections of western new jersey will experience slightly more snow as they will have cold longer.


After today conditions improve. Tuesday we should see temperatures back up above freezing. Then another artic front will pass through the area Wednesday night into Thursday morning with a little light snow but also the return of very cold air – perhaps the coldest of the season. Hopefully I’ll be able to stop saying that soon…

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Update on the storm. It has been snowing lightly in western New Jersey since about 5:30 pm this evening. As of 10:45 pm there is approximately 1” of new snow on the ground.

Based on observations and radar, my forecast is adjusted downward for 1-3” of snow before we start to mix with sleet and freezing rain (by 3am) and then change over to rain by 6-8am. The above map, a revised snowfall forecast by NWS, is supported by me. More snow will fall to the north and west and less to the south and east. As you go north, you will see 3-8” of snow before mixing.

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